Portfolio Defense at Bellevue College Digital Media Arts Program

I had a fun and rewarding day friday serving on a portfolio review panel for the Digital Media Arts program at Bellevue College. We saw some really good work, and I am very impressed with the continually increasing quality of that program!  It’s wonderful to see so many students with strong portfolios who are ready to get work.

Bellevue College DMA Review Panel

This morning I was a member of the panel for a Bellevue College Digital Media Arts portfolio defense.  It was a small group this time, but I’m really impressed at the rising quality of work coming out of this program!  I’ve sat on panels at BC numerous times, and there are always students who are ready to work professionally right away.  Great work by everyone all around.

Moving Forward

In the interest of being honest with myself and everyone else, I’ve been struggling a bit with what content to put on my blog.  I’m one of those people who can do several things pretty well, which seems like a benefit until you realize that it really means I want to do several things at once!  I know multi-tasking is a lie, but I won’t give up the various passions in my life.  So as of late I’ve mostly been working out an effective and enjoyable way to balance the things I am most interested in, and let go of everything else.

So what’s left after the big clean out?  Making music, making games, my family, and yoga. 

And that’s where the struggle came in for me.  Those topics don’t really seem to go well together on one blog.  But then again, they do go really well together in my one life, so there has to be a way to make them work in a blog too.  After way too much pondering and experimentation, I finally realized the only way forward is to simply be honest, do what I love, and share the best parts of it.  So that’s what you can expect to find here from now.

It feels great to have that cleared up so I can move forward.  Thanks for sharing in it with me!

New Squarespace 6 web site!

I took the leap and upgraded my Squarespace 5 site to a Squarespace 6 site!  So far I'm really impressed with the improvements and additions to the content management tools.  The templates are a lot more attractive and functional than the previous versions, and will be great starting points to build from over time.  The import process was mostly painless.  It brought all my content and blog posts over, but it did not import my image galleries.  That really just gave me an excuse for a long overdue update to them!

But there is some flaky behavior too.  The content editing tools will just vanish every once in a while.  Exiting that page and returning gets everything working again.  Sometimes changes to text and layout simply don't stick when leaving the editor.  Image colors can shift slightly between edit mode and live, which caused me me to briefly think the background color of an image was getting shifted in Photoshop for some reason.  Also, images can simply vanish from time to time.  They appear in the editor, but not on the live web page.  The only solution I found was to delete them and create new image blocks.  Easy enough to do, but still annoying.

Overall I'm very pleased with the update, and am looking forward to working a lot of the new things into my site as time allows.  If you are on the fence, I'd say it's worth updating.  And if you are still doing your web sites the hard way by spinning the HTML yourself, it's high time you let that go and let something like Squarespace free you up to focus entirely on your content!

Introduction to Unity3D presentation at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology

I spent yesterday afternoon with a class at  the Lake Washington Institute of Technology, introducing them to the Unity3D game engine and all you can accomplish with it. It was a lot of fun, and very cool to see the students start to realize that all things are possible.  I've rarely seen software inspire people to action the way Unity3D does.